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Welcome to Studio Jim, a comprehensive interior design service with years of industry experience. Specialising in crafting tailored and award winning concepts that are both imaginative and distinctive.


Embracing the possibilities of a space and understanding the value of maximising it’s potential.


Continually seeking out the unexpected, using innovation to deliver concepts that align with a clients' vision and enhancing the success of their business.


Studio Jim offers comprehensive interior design services for various commercial spaces such as offices, retail spaces, food and beverage outlets, and other business environments.



After we have met and discussed your project, we’ll develop a design direction and share our thinking with you - including a proposal that outlines the spatial planning and layouts



Studio Jim spends the time sourcing and specifying suitable furniture and fittings that are just right for your project. We will collate a full schedule of every item needed to deliver your project



We’ll create draft visuals of the space to visualise the concept. We’ll explore the colour, materials and finishes for objects, surfaces and fittings that we feel will be appropriate for the space



Keeping things on track -

we can manage your project to oversee the build portion and remain on-hand to ensure the integrity of the design is correctly executed in the final build



We will supply appropriatley scaled and detailed drawing packs of all areas, ready for the fit-out team. Where required we’ll provide construction information to contractors too

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Studio Jim has an online shop - offering a range of products, including vintage finds and up-cycled items. Our goal is to provide unique and high-quality products that you won't find anywhere else

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