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Batch LDN

Tackling Fashion Waste 

Batch LDN is a community of innovative individuals committed to addressing the issue of fashion waste and excessive consumption.

Batch LDN curate versatile suits that prioritise functionality and comfort, aiming to combat the problem of overproduction in the fashion industry. Their suits are sustainable and adaptable for any occasion, sold in limited quantities.


To create the interior design for their temporary store at Spitalfields Market, Batch LDN approached Studio Jim with a specific brief, to design an store that would have a significant impact on customers while minimising its environmental footprint. The design that was developed was not only cost-effective and quick to install, but also highly flexible. It primarily used a galvanised key clamp system, a product that is highly reusable and can be recycled at the end of its life. 

In addition to being a retail space, the store also serves as a social hub where people can work, enjoy in-house made coffees, and listen to great music. In the evenings, the lights are dimmed, and the store hosts various pop-up events such as live panel talks, Sofar Sounds, and parties for The Batch Members Club.


Batch LDN also collaborated with like-minded companies, which ensured that the store was environmentally conscious even after its closure. Incorporating elements like lush greenery, reused furniture, and even an electric motorcycle. When the site would eventually close, the only remnants that would remain were to be the repainted walls, which were painted using YesColours paint. This paint is water-based and packaged in fully recyclable pouches. It is free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), furthermore, YesColours paint is vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with Batch LDN's commitment to ethical practices.


The flexibility of the design proved to be successful when Batch LDN moved to their new flagship store, which was right next door a few months later. The retail displays were easily reconfigured to fit the new space, and even the previous timber retail stand bases were repurposed into a coffee counter. The new store was designed to transition seamlessly from day to night, reflecting their batch 03 range. A secret speak easy lounge was created in the basement, accessible only through a hidden door in the back of a wardrobe. The ground floor was kept light and bright, whilst the speak easy inspired lounge embraces a dark vibe.

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