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Fox Brothers

Creating a Brand for a new opticians

Creating a captivating brand identity for a new opticians in Didsbury, Manchester. Blending tradition with innovation to resonate with the local community and establish a trusted presence in the area.

Fox Brothers X Studio Jim.jpeg
Fox Ident 1.png
Fox overlay 2.png

Creating an identification logo that sidesteps literal interpretations, blending a playful visual of a hanging tail of a seated fox, alongside the iconic opticians glasses logo.

Fox Brothers X Studio Jim.png
Letter 1.png
Slip 1.png
Pantones A.png

Different versions of the primary header logo and the smaller identification logo were developed to ensure compatibility with various formats, including letterheads and compliment slips.

Eye Spy 2.png

Developing primary and secondary colours for a new brand entails a deliberate process that takes into account the brand's personality, target demographic, and current industry trends - whilst maintaining a timeless feel.

Introducing diversity within the brand, not just through colour schemes but also with a range of font styles, enables the establishment of a visual hierarchy.

Orange Logo.png

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant community of Didsbury and the timeless appeal of optician aesthetics, a brand identity was crafted that seamlessly blended tradition with innovation. From the sleek logo design to the thoughtfully curated colour palette and typography, every element was chosen to reflect the unique identity of this new opticians and resonate with its target audience.

ident creation 1.png
ident creation arrow.png

Playfully utilising the 'o' to craft the secondary mini ident logo, featuring a version of the globally recognised opticians glasses symbol.

Bag 1.jpg
Booklet 1.jpg
Lens Cloth 2.jpg

Conceptual imagery illustrates the diverse applications of the logos within an optician's retail space, where a dynamic blend of logos and colours contributes to an energetic look.

Fox Brothers X Studio Jim.jpeg

Employing Mia Lane, a Sheffield-based sign painter specialising in sign-writing, gilding, and calligraphy, all signage underwent custom hand-painting on-site.

Fox Brothers X Studio Jim.png

The outcome is an engaging brand identity that not only grabs attention but also harmonises seamlessly with the interior design ethos. Considering the diverse array of colours and materials employed within the interior, it ensures a unified experience both inside and out.

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