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Maeving's ultimate objective is to contribute positively to the environment by encouraging a greater number of riders to embrace zero-emission transportation. By shifting their focus from traditional motorcycle dealerships to convenient doorstep delivery and servicing, Maeving exemplifies a progressive movement dedicated to advancing this industry.


Studio Jim was given the responsibility to design an exhibition stand that was initially for the Goodwood Speed of Festival that would embody the essence of simplicity, elegance, and refinement whilst staying true to the Maeving brand. Additionally, the stand needed to be effortlessly assembled, disassembled, and adaptable for future festivals and exhibition shows.


A versatile design was created using black anodised poles and key clamp joints, enabling various configurations to be easily achieved. To enhance the stand's upscale aesthetic, veneered Sepele timbers were incorporated. The design also included a strategically positioned monitor to showcase the product, which can be moved to different locations on the stand as needed. Additionally, a sizeable rear banner was included, making it effortless to replace with updated branding or messaging. The banner was printed on environmentally-friendly, biodegradable fabrics.


The Sepele timber panels are ingeniously crafted with pegboards, designed to provide a versatile and dynamic display platform. This feature enables the showcasing of an array of tank colour options, allowing customers to visualise and choose their preferred one. Moreover, the pegboard design also serves as an ideal backdrop for exhibiting helmets.


Collaborating with a Sheffield-based manufacturer, Studio Jim successfully managed the build of the project without any complications. The local partnership allowed for prompt and efficient communication, ensuring any potential issues were quickly addressed during the construction process. One notable innovation that emerged from this collaboration was the creation of telescopic, adjustable feet. These feet were intelligently designed to accommodate the stand's placement on uneven outdoor festival grounds, a common occurrence.


The stand's impressive adaptability and inherent flexibility contribute to its long-lasting nature, resulting in a reduced environmental impact. Its clever design allows for easy disassembly and transportation, minimising the need for large-scale transport. Consequently, this not only reduces carbon emissions but also enables the use of smaller vehicles, making it convenient for sites with limited access. By embracing a flat-pack approach, this stand demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by reducing transportation-related pollution and ensuring ease of mobility.

The stand's flexibility and scalability were showcased as it was successfully reassembled in different configurations for both the Motorcycle Live event in Birmingham and The International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition in Italy. These additional exhibitions serve as strong examples of how the design brief was achieved, with the stand easily adapting to different layouts and incorporating additional components.

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