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Introducing Marmadukes pop-Up!

The goal was to provide a hassle-free solution that is both sustainable and functional. The easy-to-assemble structure can seamlessly transform any space into a Marmadukes cafe.

Designed for convenience and reusability, this pop-up coffee shop allows the creation of a distinctive and captivating environment without the need for extensive construction or remodelling. It also provides the flexibility to scale up or down in any location.

Utilising a straightforward assembly system, which leverages simple CNC manufacturing, it becomes effortless to produce additional or spare parts using any sheet material. In the case of this inaugural version, leftover sheet material was used, resulting in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious approach to minimising material waste.


With its uncomplicated timber design that easily slots together, this pop-up structure can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled by almost anyone. As a result, the entire structure can transform into a flat pack system, allowing for convenient storage and taking up minimal space when not in use.


Injecting playful elements reflective of the Marmadukes brand, the addition of vibrant electric blue pops of paint adds a delightful twist.

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