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Unveiling Sheffield's Architectural Treasures with Concrete Communities

Earlier this month, I was privileged to participate in Concrete Communities Event 004, which was focused on exploring the concept of 'light'. The event convened a panel of experts from the realms of lighting design to discuss the health benefits of light.

Before that, they took us for an exploration of some of Sheffield's architectural wonders. Our journey commenced with a tour of two iconic landmarks: the Arts Tower and the historic Parkhill estate. These sites, emblematic of Sheffield's architectural diversity, offered unparalleled insights into the city's urban fabric. From the modernist grandeur of the Arts Tower to the original innovative social housing concept of Parkhill estate, each highlighting the city's rich architectural tapestry.

Following the tour, we converged at the Nest showroom for the panel discussion on the art of lighting in architecture. Led by seasoned professionals, the conversation delved into the nuanced role of lighting design and how it can shape spatial experiences. Topics ranged from the utilisation of natural light to the creative manipulation of artificial illumination, and their impact on architectural aesthetics and functionality.

It was fantastic to witness a diverse group of architects, designers, and enthusiasts, all sharing a passion for architecture, unite to celebrate Sheffield's rich architectural heritage and explore cutting-edge design strategies. It reaffirmed Sheffield's reputation as a beacon of architectural excellence and left me eagerly anticipating future ventures with this dynamic community.

I’m looking forward to Event 005.


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