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A celebration of colour

Studio Jim collaborated with YesColours to design an exceptional exhibition stand for The Sustainability Show in Manchester.

The goal was to design a stand that highlights sustainability, and this was achieved by constructing it entirely from timber, which allows the stand to be dismantled at the end of its life and allowing the timber to be reused again. The timber is all treated with water based paint that has not added VOCs, is child friendly, vegan, and cruelty free.


The design of the pods drew inspiration from large packing crates, aiming to use minimal materials and designed to be flat pack, which means minimal transportation requirements and less carbon emissions. This approach also means that the stand is more manageable to handle by hand, while still being easily assembled. Two of the pods were topped with a framework to resemble the basic, but instantly recognisable shape of a home.


At the Sustainability Show, the pods were arranged in a group of four, with a single pod facing out on each side. However, they can be used independently or in various configurations, providing flexibility for different exhibition sites. This flexibility extends the lifespan of the stand and allows YesColours to utilise the pods in different locations, regardless of size or orientation.


To complete the concept, the stand was painted using YesColours' own feel good paints, which come in recyclable packaging. These paints have won awards for their innovative and vibrant colours. Additionally, the stand was dressed with four room settings, featuring materials that offer greener alternatives and embody sustainability. These room dressings provide possibilities for creating more eco-friendly interiors.

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